Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hunter's Friday Participation

Last friday, April 1st, Hunter got to participate in his school shabbat celebration
He got to be "Abba" (which means dad in hebrew)
On every shabbat, mom and dad get to do the prayers over the candles, wine and challah (bread).
The kids alternate and get a chance to participate. It was finally Hunter's turn!
Here are some pictures we took on that day:

Here he is with some of his classmates and teachers
I think they are doing the prayers for the candles
this time there were two girls participating! Guess Hunter has two wives!!!
Holding his "wine" cup
after the wine prayer, they get to drink it.
and boy was he thirsty!
It was sooo good he had to lick his lips!
Hunter's favorite teacher, Morah (<-----Teacher in hebrew) Artie
with Mommy, Juju and some of his classmates

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