Thursday, April 7, 2011

A day at the park

On Tuesday Hunter wanted to go to the park after school
since it was a nice day and he was being a good boy, mommy agreed to take him
slide away!!!
rocket ship go
on the small swing
Hunter took this picture with mommy's camera phone
he's so smart!
Great picture I think!
On the big boy swing

Celebrating Vovo Be's Birthday

This past Sunday, April 3rd, Mommy, Hunter and Juju went down to the OC to visit Vovo Be and Vovoh Dora
Vovo Be's birthday landed on a monday this year so we celebrated a day early.
Here are the photos of our Birthday celebration adventure:

First we went to Balboa

Waiting on the boat ride
Here we are on the boat crossing to the other side

Here are some pictures of our walk

Hunter loves looking at the boats
Then we got to go on the Carousel ride with mommy

For lunch we went to Rainforest.Cafe

Then on our way back we stopped by the lake to feed the ducks

It was a great birthday gift for Vovo Be to come and hang out with him all day

work and play

Monday was such a beautiful day that we decided to take advantage and enjoy the outdoors

First Daddy, Juju, Mommy and Suri went to the archery range
(Hunter was at school)

Then we picked up Hunter at school and came home to play in the front yard while daddy worked on the fence:
Juju got upset when mommy went into the house for a second, poor baby girl! :)
slowly but surely the pickets are going up
doesn't it look great!
Can't wait till its all done.
Hunter and Suri at play
Suri trying to eat bubbles!
Hunter also trying to catch the bubbles.
so much fun!

he looks tired here....lots of running and jumping that day!
even Suri needed a break
boys at work
this is what hunter was "working" on at the other end of the fence
loves to line up his cars anywhere he can
Happy baby!
So loved
Daddy taking a much needed rest after working on the fence
what a cute family photo
Juju can sit up all by herself now!
soon she will be joining hunter and suri trying to catch bubbles!
she was tired here. It was naptime and she did not want to say cheese for the camera
i still think its a cute picture though.....
all in all, an awesome sunny day.
Can't wait for more!

Cousins at play

Hunter and Natalie had a great time playing the other day
here are some photos I took of them
They are wearing mickey mouse ears that blink, given to them by Dustin and Char
Thanks guys! they loved the ears!

Hunter's Friday Participation

Last friday, April 1st, Hunter got to participate in his school shabbat celebration
He got to be "Abba" (which means dad in hebrew)
On every shabbat, mom and dad get to do the prayers over the candles, wine and challah (bread).
The kids alternate and get a chance to participate. It was finally Hunter's turn!
Here are some pictures we took on that day:

Here he is with some of his classmates and teachers
I think they are doing the prayers for the candles
this time there were two girls participating! Guess Hunter has two wives!!!
Holding his "wine" cup
after the wine prayer, they get to drink it.
and boy was he thirsty!
It was sooo good he had to lick his lips!
Hunter's favorite teacher, Morah (<-----Teacher in hebrew) Artie
with Mommy, Juju and some of his classmates