Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday Adventure

February 26th, 2011
Dia 26 de Fevereiro, 2011

Guess what Jujuba did today???
Mommy took her to the mall to get her ears pierced!
She got her birthstone: Peridot
Its a beautiful light green color for the month of August.
Mommy and Juju after the piercing adventure.
Look how calm she is! She didn't even cry!
What a big girl she is...mommy was so proud!
You can't see Vovoh's face, but she is playing with her new Iphone she got for her birthday!
Hunter just hanging out with his cars:
Vovoh and Juju
belly time:
Vovoh made chocolate chip cookies...and some of the chocolate ended up in Hunter's teeth!
then teeth were brushed!
Hunter wanted to make sure we took a picture of those shinny clean white teeth of his
Vovoh found some Cars themed Mac n Cheese and Hunter was very excited to show Juju the box:
Another shot of her cute earrings
Hunter saying bye bye, tchau, tchau to vovoh
"see you tomorrow!"
a little sibling playtime before heading to bed
lots of kisses
where did Hunter go mommy?
He went to bed!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The last two days....

February 24th & 25th, 2011
Dia 24 e 25 de Fevereiro, 2011

I have been busy these last couple of days and wasn't able to take a lot of pictures.
Here are the ones I was able to take in the last two days:

Thumb sucker? Just like her mommy
Or maybe sucking on my toes is more fun?
Outfit of the day for thursday the 24th:
She loooves watching her big brother!!!
She started in the middle of the playmat....and the scooting has started!
Watch out, here I come:
Relaxing with daddy after a tired day
look at that face:
Hunter "relaxing" with mommy?
What is he thinking here?
probably how to get out of relaxing, and play some more before bed time
Hunter and Mommy again
It was a long couple of the weekend is here!
Lets take some more pictures!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feliz Aniversario Vovoh

February 23th, 2011
Dia 23 de Fevereiro, 2011

Outfit of the day:
All dressed up for her passport photos!
and here it is:
what a beautiful passport picture for Juju!
Here is Hunter's:
(He has to renew his Brasilian one)
Now to the fun stuff:

Today was Vovoh's birthday and her wedding anniversary!
Hunter made her a beautiful birthday card and when Vovoh comes on saturday, she will get to receive it with lots of hugs and kisses.
don't forget the inside of the card mommy!
Hunter's whole class got to sign the card too:
Juju ready to get messy for dinner...
...yummy carrots today!
Hunter eating some chicken nuggets (his favorite) while Suri watches:
The messy duo!
A little playtime before night night time:
Happy Birthday Vovoh! Hope you had a wonderful day
Juju and Hunter can't wait to see you to give you some birthday love!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to the Tuesday routine

February 22th, 2011
Dia 22 de Fevereiro, 2011

Morning Cuddle time
loving kisses from big brother:
Hunter wanted Juju to sit on his lap like she does with mommy.
So cute!!!
Juju's outfit of the day:
This one was brought all the way from Israel
(except for the socks - those were hand-me-downs from miss Abster)
Cebolinha is getting lots of love from Jujuba
Hunter and Mommy cuddle time watching his favorite movie while juju naps in her room
Scene from a typical day in Hunter's room:
Juju, now awake, likes to play with Hunter's hair
time to eat some yummy green beans!
well, actually, she hated it! Ate most of it then started making this face:
she looks full!
Thus we end the day with full bellies...ready for bed once again!

Happy President's Day

February 21th, 2011
Dia 21 de Fevereiro, 2011

School's out so Vovoh came over and we did a major house cleaning with Hunter and Juju to help!
So I was not able to take lots of pictures.
Here are some taken towards the end of the day when cleaning had ceased:

When Vovoh and Hunter were taking out the trash, they ran into some awesome toys brought over by a great friend of the family. At the time we did not know who dropped them off, once mommy did some research, we found out who it was!
Thanks Brandon for the fun toys!
As you can see, Hunter was very excited to try them out:
He got right on the car ride, which needs to be charged so he can vroom vroom his way around the yard!
Mommy (looking really tired after a long day of cleaning) and Juju hanging out:
belly time before Night night time!
Hunter in bed, ready for his night night time:
Overall, a very productive day! Thanks Vovoh for coming over and helping mommy clean the house! Now off to bed kiddies! Tomorrow is another day!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It was a sun-shiny day!

February 20th, 2011
Dia 20 de Fevereiro, 2011

Oh what a glorious sunny sunday! A very productive one indeed!

Hunter's new favorite movie:
He call's it the Mickey Mouse Monster Show.
He is hooked!

Now for Juju's outfit of the day:
It started off without the Jacket and flower accessory....
...just couldn't help myself!
a little close up...
playing with her Piggy Watch
say cheese!
one word: flowerdorable!
then the adventure continues....

Fun in the sun!

Serenity waiting for Tom to throw the ball:
Memere taking Rusty and Hunter for a quick walk around the neighborhood:
Don't worry! Rusty did walk!!!!
Daddy working on the fence while Hunter watches and learns...
...and watches some more:
Then decides he doesn't want mommy to take anymore pictures of him (for that quick second):
Second over! Say cheese on the swing!
Taking a ride with Tom:
Oh Miss Serenity! So much energy!
Notice Hunter's Jacket:
Yes its backwards! He kept taking the jacket off and if you put it on backwards...he can't unzip it! Daddy's awesome idea! Worked like a charm!
Rusty hiding from crazy Seri:
Then it was time to call it a day with some Daddy and Juju belly-time
Oh What a great Sunday Funday Adventure we had!