Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sunday Fun Day

February 27th, 2011
Dia 27 de Fevereiro, 2011

This Sunday the whole family was here!
Memere, Tom and Rusty came to help Daddy out with the fence.
Then, Vovoh, Vovo, Tio Leo e Tia Bia also came by so we could go out to dinner to do a belated celebration of Vovoh's Birthday.
Below are the pictures taken on this fun day!

(P.S. - there will be no posts for monday and Tuesday. Mommy is busy with a project and hasn't had time to take any pictures)

Juju's daily belly time
mommy and jujuba
the flower in mommy's hair was made by Tia Bia.
She has an etsy site called Crochet Carioca. Click here to check it out! What a talent indeed!
Hunter and Rusty having some fun
Say Cheese Memere! Even Rusty got to be in on the fun!
Tio Leo and Jujuba wearing her outfit of the day
The orange flower on her shirt was also made by Tia Bia
Vovo & Vovoh with Juju
Getting his bib-on @ El Toritos
This picture was taken by Hunter using Vovo Be's Iphone to get him to stop crying!
Look at the camera Hunter!!!! Look and say cheese!
Leo e Bia
Cheers! Saude!
Juliana hanging out in her car seat.
She has a rubber dolphin that she loves to chew on!
Looks like those teeth are trying to come out!
Hunter helping out Vovoh blow out her Birthday Flan...ummmm so yummy!
Back at home, it was time for Juju to eat
Tio Leo volunteered! What a mess!
What a great fun Sunday we had! Can't wait till Tio Leo e Tia Bia come visit again!

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