Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy President's Day

February 21th, 2011
Dia 21 de Fevereiro, 2011

School's out so Vovoh came over and we did a major house cleaning with Hunter and Juju to help!
So I was not able to take lots of pictures.
Here are some taken towards the end of the day when cleaning had ceased:

When Vovoh and Hunter were taking out the trash, they ran into some awesome toys brought over by a great friend of the family. At the time we did not know who dropped them off, once mommy did some research, we found out who it was!
Thanks Brandon for the fun toys!
As you can see, Hunter was very excited to try them out:
He got right on the car ride, which needs to be charged so he can vroom vroom his way around the yard!
Mommy (looking really tired after a long day of cleaning) and Juju hanging out:
belly time before Night night time!
Hunter in bed, ready for his night night time:
Overall, a very productive day! Thanks Vovoh for coming over and helping mommy clean the house! Now off to bed kiddies! Tomorrow is another day!

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